“America’s all-volunteer force creates an environment so different from civilian life that attempting to integrate is no simple feat. The biggest challenge was finding the best way to translate my skills and experiences into something that resonates with civilians in the private sector.” -Michael Zanetti

Michael Zanetti is an Army combat veteran, Bronze Star recipient, and National Guardsman. He earned an MBA in 2014 from Thunderbird School of Global Management, and partnered with his friend Brady Bagwan—also a former army officer—to co-found TradesFactor, a professional network for people in the skilled trades. Zanetti joined SoFi’s Entrepreneur Program to help turn his entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

Montana is home to more than 90,000 U.S. veterans, which is nearly 10% of the state’s population. As such, many high tech companies in Montana provide resources that can help veterans transition from military life to civilian life. We’ve featured a couple of our member companies, but this is by no means an exhaustive list.

Applied Materials

“Applied is a great landing spot for highly motivated veterans who want to influence the future of technology by leveraging the experience, skills and discipline developed during their time in the military. We are a diverse community of creative engineers and business people with a culture focused on innovation and removing barriers.”
-Tim, VP Operations, Strategy and Planning, Global Field Group
Submariner, U.S. Navy Veteran

Why work at Applied Materials?

Applied Materials provides complete training and transition assistance to qualified military professionals and works with regional military transition centers to match members of the armed services with rewarding career opportunities. That’s because we recognize the U.S. military provides an ideal pipeline for new hires.

Certified Military-Friendly Employer.



“Oracle truly values the leadership and integrity
that are the hallmarks of military service.”
-Mary Ann Davidson
Chief Security Officer, Oracle
Lieutenant, Civil Engineer Corps, U.S. Naval Reserve

Why work at Oracle?

Oracle recognizes the unique skillset veterans bring to our workplace. Leadership, teamwork, and the ability to adapt to change easily are key attributes that make hiring veterans an attractive option for Oracle. We proudly provide and host opportunities to engage and support the veterans community.

Oracle sponsors an Injured Veterans Scholarship, Veteran Guidon Program, Veteran Badge, Oracle University Workforce Development Program, and Veteran Impact Council.

Read more about Oracle’s veterans programs here.


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