Why Montana?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to move West. Maybe you’re looking to move back home. Or maybe you saw A River Runs Through It and can’t stop imagining yourself holding that fly-fishing rod.

Whether you’re looking for a job or looking to launch your own startup, Montana is the place to be for high tech.


From our executive director:

Christina Henderson, Executive Director

In the tech world, Montana presents a paradox– a pristine mountain wilderness that offers an escape AND an opportunity work with some of the smartest people in the global tech industry. Cast a fly rod in the Blackfoot River. Zipline through mountains during the summer and ski them in the winter. Share local brews with brilliant technical minds.

The story of Montana’s tech boom is capturing the attention of national media like Fast Company, the Associated Press, and CBS National News. The incredible growth of Montana’s tech industry is matched only by its unparalleled access to natural resources. People want to move to Montana for the beauty, and thanks to the tech industry, they can also find lucrative work.

Montana’s tech industry could be the perfect fit for you, if you’re looking for opportunity, growth, and quality of life.


High tech and manufacturing wages are twice the average Montana wage. 31% of surveyed companies said their biggest impediment to growth was not having enough workers– that means they’re actively looking for people like you.

The majority of high tech business respondents favored Montana as an advantageous environment for their business, saying there’s a high quality workforce. You’d be joining a strong, motivated workforce in one of the fastest-growing industries in the state.



ATG Founder Tom Stergios reflects during the company’s 100th Employee celebration. Photo by Martin Kidston/Missoula Current

High tech is one of the fastest-growing industries in Montana. Projected growth of high tech businesses is 8-10 times the projected statewide growth rate.

Take ATG for example. ATG launched its Missoula location in 2011, with just two employees in 2011. Since then, it has become the city’s fastest-growing company, just passing the 100th employee mark on in August 2017. That means this lucrative high-tech company was looking for an average of 15 employees each year… One of them could be you!

Quality of Life

“People are outside walking their dogs, mountain biking, hiking, on the river, surfing on their lunch break. That is a celebration of balance that we don’t work to live and live to work, but both.” -Molly Bradford, GatherBoard, 2017 Kaufman survey

High quality of life attracts high quality workers. And Montana boasts a lot of both. With unparalleled access to natural resources and outdoor recreation, Montana is continually ranked among the U.S.’ top ten states for outdoor lifestyles.

Where else can your outdoor hobby become your high-tech career?

If you’re not into hunting, hiking, fishing, skiing, boating, or floating, Montana cities also boast quality local brews, festivals, concerts, marathons, educational institutions, good eats, and incredible views.

Fast Facts about Montana

    • Wages in Montana are the fourth-fastest growing in the country.
    • Cost of living typically hovers around or slightly above the national average.
    • Montana has one of the lowest population densities in the country, with an average of 7 people/square mile.
    • There are 53 licensed breweries in Montana.
    • There’s an ongoing cycle of festivals and concerts.
    • Public lands constitute almost 30% of Montana’s area. That includes Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and sites from Lewis and Clark’s journey.
    • Billings was named Outside’s #1 Best Place to Live in the US in 2016.
    • Montana was home to a number of big names, including Evel Knievel, Dana Carvey, and Jeanette Rankin. Youtuber Hank Green currently calls Missoula his home.
    • Montana’s biggest industries are agriculture, travel and tourism, timber, and mining.
    • Explore Montana on your own to see why it’s a great place to be.


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We’ll see you in Montana.



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