PROOF Research — Company Profile


Quick Facts:

Company: PROOF Research

Location: Columbia Falls, MT

Industry: firearms manufacturing

Founded: 2011

Employees: 70

Key Leaders:

Larry Murphy, CEO (on Montana High Tech Business Alliance Board of Advisors)

KK Jense, President

Chris Polley, Marketing Manager

The company was started by a group of passionate firearms manufacturers to fill a void in the market for highly accurate light weight barrels and rifles. The first two founders were KK Jense of Jense Precision and Mike Degerness of Advanced Barrel Systems.

PROOF research started in January 2011 as a joint venture between Jense Precision (Missoula, Montana) and ABS Barrels (Lincoln Nebraska). They soon added Lone Wolf Stocks (Columbia Falls, Montana) company and later Lawrence Barrels came on board in 2012. The high tech Columbia Falls facility was completed in July of 2012. An aerospace company specializing in high temp composites from Dayton, Ohio named P2SI was purchased in 2013.


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