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Where do I look for a high tech job in Montana?

Right here! Click the jobs link above, or go to We usually have more than 100 listings from around the state of Montana. You can also subscribe to a weekly jobs email that sends recently posted positions every Monday.

Many of the companies featured in 15 Montana Companies to Watch in 2017 are growing quickly and hiring regularly.

Search our Member Directory to see if there are companies located where you are interested in moving. While the bulk of our member companies are in Bozeman, Missoula, and the Flathead Valley, we have members in cities all across the state.

Finally, if you have a preference for company size, look through our member list, which is organized by number of employees at a company.

Where can I find information about [company]?

Right here! We’ve written articles about many of our members, and we link to all of their websites. This is a great place to find information for cover letters and for finding a company you’re passionate about. Check out our list of Members or Members by Location to start your search for the perfect fit.

We also follow and promote our members on social media. Find us on social media, and you’ll find information about the company you’re interested in.


Isn’t Montana all cowboys and wildfires?

Only in the summertime. Just kidding. Montana is a great place to live and work. One of the prevailing reasons tech leaders and employees give for living and working in Montana is the unparalleled access to natural resources and outdoor recreation. While that does come with some cowboys and wildfires, it also comes with fly-fishing on your lunch break, skiing after work, and hunting the backcountry on the weekends. Check out our Why Montana? page for more info about living and working in Montana.


Do you have any advice for veterans looking for high tech jobs in Montana?

Yes! We have an entire page with veteran resources, including links to companies, open jobs in Montana, and other resources that can help veterans transition into a high-tech job. We’re also working on a series of articles about opportunities for vets in high tech.


Do you have any advice for high school or college students looking for high tech jobs in Montana?

Yes! Check out our Paths to a High Tech Career page for information about college programs, coding schools, and making yourself marketable to employers.


How can I stay up-to-date on Montana high tech news?

Subscribe to our weekly newsletter and connect with us on TwitterLinkedInFacebook, and Instagram.


Will you recommend me for a job?

We have a small staff and cannot recommend every person who emails us for a job. But if you have specific questions that you cannot find answers to on the website, we would be happy to help you in whatever way we can.


Does Montana even have internet?

It does! And it supports one of the country’s fastest-growing tech industries.

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